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Why You Should Wear Proper Cycling Apparel Instead of a Shirt When Biking

Have you ever experienced being soaking wet after cycling for hours? Shirts might have been your choice of clothing for this sport. But do you know that there is something else far better than this attire? If you are planning to become a professional cyclist, then you must not only ride a bicycle. You also have to look like one. Furthermore, as a racing cyclist, wearing the prescribed jersey rather than a T-shirt is extremely beneficial. Because of its fit and functionality, a biking jersey is a better choice compared to wearing cotton T-shirts.




Here are some of the top reasons to wear cycling apparel:

Wick Sweat Better

One reason for you to choose a cycling jersey is to wick sweat off from your skin. Unlike regular shirts or tees, this takes away moisture from you, thus making you feel comfortable throughout your ride. Furthermore, when compared to a modern top, a high-performance technical fabric will keep you dry, unlike moisture-absorbent clothes.

On the other hand, this helps regulate your body temperature even while you sweat. So you will no longer have to suffer a clammy back during hot summers or get a cold feeling during winter. Expect to feel better when cycling around town.

Zip Easily

Unlike regular clothes, you can unzip a custom cycling apparel whenever you feel hot. Especially if you are riding during hot summers, removing your t-shirt is quite tempting. In the contrary, you can also zip up your jersey whenever you feel cold. Click here

Fit Better

For most apparel, particularly those made for rough road riding, a close fit is better. This means that the fabric is quite close to the skin, thus allowing sweat to wick away and ventilation. A loose material will only serve as a distraction as it will flap around when biking.

Although gym clothes and running tops are the same, team cycling clothing and other types of biking jerseys are typically designed only for this sport. Designed with a longer cut at the back, this allows proper ergonomics while sitting on the bike and leaning towards the bars.

The cut is fairly short at the front to prevent uncomfortable bunching. Therefore, you will feel more comfortable even when biking long distances.

Are More Practical

You might want to bring along with you your personal essentials such as IDs, mobile phones, and money; however, wearing t-shirts do not have pockets where you can store these stuff.

Moreover, you might also want to sneak in food especially if you are travelling for a long distance. But with a cycling jersey, you will have enough space for these in your pockets. Usually, these types of clothing have standard pockets at the back for storage.

Henceforth, you will have all the room to keep your stuff. You no longer need to bring a satchel along with you when biking.

Shirts are designed for other things, but a typical cycling jersey is made solely for cyclists. If you have not thought of buying one yet, you might want to check out a reliable Cycling Clothing Company like Impsport Cycling Kit Designer to a good look at their design collection. More details at

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