Thursday, October 22

Moto Guzzi Holds Its Own

Moto Guzzi is now part of Piaggo & C Spa. They are the largest manufacturers of motorbikes in Europe and the fourth largest in the world. This is quite an achievement, given the world domination of Japanese motorbikes. They have been continually producing motorcycles since 1921. Moto Guzzi not only has an Italian design sense but they also work to innovate in engineering. Examples of this being the 90 degree twin V engine, and the use of wind tunnels. Moto Guzzi maintains a close working relationship with the University of Perugia where practical testing and computer simulations are used to produce an “optimal” design outcome in the final bike design. For anyone interested in a Moto Guzzi, it would be an idea to contact a specialist dealer that offers Moto Guzzi for sale that stocks a range of these bikes.

Bikes on Offer

An experienced outlet that provides Moto Guzzi for sale has a number of different models available starting with some examples in the Custom Range and looking in particular at the 2015 Eldorado:

2015 Eldorado: This has a 90 degree twin V 1400 (1380) cc engine, which makes this bike very much a touring motor cycle, having the engine size of most medium sized cars. The 21 litre fuel tank gives 300 Km of motoring. Ergonomic design is again a very important . An example of this being the “wrap around” mudguards. There is an example of the technological innovation in the highlights. It has incorporated a LED daylight running light (DRL).

2015 Calfornia: This has a similar specification to the Eldorado with a 90 degree twin V 1400 cc engine. Again it has a large 21 litre fuel tank. What distinguishes this version is the large windscreen. The California also has 35 litre side panniers.

Another important feature of Moto Guzzi bikes is their experience and success in motorcycle racing in a variety of different fields over the years. This has fed through to the design, engineering and production of road bikes. This is reflected in the Enduro range of Moto Guzzi motorbikes. The 2015 Stelvio being an example.

2015 Stelvio: This is a 1000cc four stroke engine. This uses a transverse twin cylinder 90 degree V shaped configuration. Again a large fuel tank of 32 litres with 7 litres in reserve. The fuel tank combines with the fairing or body shell gives an over all bike a very aerodynamic profile. This gives this motorcycle a “racing” feel. This may have a large engine suitable for the open road characteristics of an “off road” bike.

To look now at a bike with a slightly smaller engine, the “Naked” range:

Moto Guzzi 2015 V7 II Stone: This motorcycle is 744cc, still far larger than the” town “250 cc bikes.

It has stainless steel floating disc brakes front and rear and a 22 litre (4 litre in reserve ) fuel tank. This again uses a slightly smaller V7 engine.

This range of Moto Guzzi for sale shows that this motorcycle company has not stopped developing. With Moto Guzzi there is a marriage of form and function. This is why they have managed to maintain their place in a very competitive market.

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