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Car Maintenance: Four Things You Can Fix Yourself

Even before you involve a specialist in VW service in Brisbane, it is important to know you could fix some car maintenance tasks on your own. This can turn out to be a time and money-saving initiative. These tasks require no experience and few tools and taking care of them can add to a big difference in your wallet eventually.

The following are some of the tasks you can carry out on your VW without involving a specialist:

Inflating and Checking Tire Pressure

This activity requires 15 minutes or less but can cost you up to $30 every time you do it. Besides, it requires no parts and the only tools you need are pressure gauge and air pump, which are often free in a gas station. Properly inflated tires come with various benefits. First off, they improve safety because they lead to better handling during emergency braking or negotiating a corner.

Secondly, properly inflated tires increase the life of the tires for they are able to wear out more evenly. Finally, yet very importantly, they help you reduce fuel costs by a greater margin. To do it, you can check out various online resources such as car maintenance videos. Alternatively, you can consult a specialist for VW service in Brisbane for necessary support.

Rotating the Tires

A simple activity in car maintenance, it requires the use of a jack stand, car jack, and tire iron. In many service centers, the activity costs up to 60 dollars. However, you can save up to 120 dollars annually when you take at least one hour and do it yourself. Tire rotation is necessary because the rate of wearing is higher in the front tires than in the rear ones. This is because as you brake or negotiate a corner, the pressure is more on the front tires. The owners’ manual often stipulates the correct pattern to rotate your tires according to the manufacturer.

Changing the Air Filter

This activity requires nearly five minutes or less, but can cost between 20 and 60 dollars if you engage a mechanic to do it. The basic part you require is a new air filter to replace the old one. The basic tool you need is a screwdriver. Changing the air filter keeps your engine free from dust and enhances fuel economy.

If you drive in dusty areas regularly, you should replace your air filter more often. This can help you increase the life of your car’s engine. A one-time visit to a reliable center for VW service in Brisbane can orientate you on how to do it and afterward you can do it yourself.

Replacing Bulbs and Fuses

This activity can take roughly 30 minutes, but can cost you up to $132 if you engage a mechanic to do it on your behalf. You only need replacement bulbs and fuses, which are often available in assorted sizes, and a screwdriver. The car’s electrical system plays an important role on the highway. Both headlights and taillights are important for safety. Everything about your car is outlined in the owner’s manual. Therefore, after getting the right parts, find out what your manufacturer wants.

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